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Project aimed at students from 6th to 8th grades of elementary school aims at bringing children closer to the issues of finances, state institutions, job professions, and all the essential things that will help them in future adult life. In 2017, 863 000 people in the Czech Republic were found in execution, 13% of whom are young people of age 18–29, some of them doesn’t even know why they ended up in such situation. Many elementary and high schools graduates doesn’t know the difference in the meaning of many concepts in the banking and administrative world.

The materials consist of three lessons, which, step by step, help children understand how to navigate the issue. Each lesson holds special topic such as Know the money, Citizen and the state and Personal budget, that clear up basic and necessary informations from the financial and administrative world in a form that will not only capture, but also allow the informations to be easily memorized and understood.

The project was created with the support of Mastercard company and the cooperation of the 6th Elementary School in Kolín city. In addition, the project got auspices of the Ministry of Education and the City of Prague, both in September 2018.

Currently, the project is in the pilot phase and the materials are available only after a personal consultation. However, it is possible to arrange an lecture with our lectors at your school for next year 2019, if you are interested, fill in the required information below.


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