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We don’t like to just be whining about current situation in education, we’d rather participate in its’ change. For us, education is not a “necessary evil” for young people, but is a lifelong challenge and a natural thing for a person without age difference. We are convinced that learning and working should be mainly fun, and that’s why we are looking for a partner who sees it same way and wants to keep moving higher and further.

We don’t care if you work from our café or coworking hub Node5, where other groups of modern people meet and we also have pretty nice offices there. We do not work on “time clocks” and when we have a “bad day” we rather stay at home. We don’t give a damn about dress code and food breaks. Most important is to have everything done till deadlines and to do a good or great job, nothing less. Working should mainly entertain you, that’s why we make tailored job positions for every employee.

Of course, we use mouth, hands and legs to communicate, but we also communicate via Basecamp, Skype, or Whatsapp. In order to keep track with our team, we all meet regularly every week for tasks, new ideas, advices and inspiration. Join us and be part of it!

Graphic Designer

Art perhaps belongs to museums, but when it comes to its modern form we are interested.

Are you good with vectors and line dragging isn’t problem? Help us shape our projects!


Greatly-done materials are not all.

We need experienced lectors who can engage kids and lecture our projects to a higher level.


Coding is language of the future and that’s what we’re all about.

If you’re talking fluent HTML5 and CSS is not just three letters for you, click for more information!

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