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Education of the young generations for life in the 21st century.

Edhance mission

When was the last time you met student who went to find informations to the library? The incoming generation has grown up on the internet, and that is where they draw most of the knowledge from. That is what we’re adapting in our teaching methods.

We modernize teaching in schools across the country

In our comprehensive projects, we extend an insight into specific topics like financial literacy, healthy lifestyle, or citizens’ preparation for state defense. In all projects we put emphasize on enhancing key competencies such as critical thinking, creativity, or the ability to find and analyze information.

When designing products, we take into account the use of modern technologies

We use potential of the technologies that schools offer. Working with interactive smart boards offers students a new and more attractive view on the lecture. We also work with professionals and teachers who have a long-standing experience and a realistic view of a rapidly changing world.

We work with experienced lectors

Our lectors are capable to pass on informations to students in a natural way that attracts their attention. We carefully test all educational materials, monitor their use in practice, and update them in real time if necessary.

Focusing only on children is not enough

We motivate parents to have a positive attitude and look at today’s world and the future of their children. We help teachers overcome the barriers to using modern technologies during their lectures to better prepare younger generations not only for the global job market, but also for real life.

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