21st century education

Preparation for the future,
that you hardly find in curriculums.


We want to prepare young generations for the real life that awaits them. In a rapidly changing world, we need to know how to sort, analyze, and use at the right time, and that’s what we adapt our teaching methods to.

Current Czech education doesn’t have conditions for such a rapid adaptation, that’s why current generation of young people has to still memorize data that won’t be useful in succeeding in the global labor market or in real life.

While schools have an emphasis on teaching basic literacy, tools for developing competences and character qualities are missing.

However, our goal is not to criticize but to help change the current situation. We’re taking into consideration habits and requirements of students in connection with the essential topics that make sense to them in the future.

Journey to the Trade world

Educational app that’s introducing basic principles of the labor market in the model of retail environment to students.

Money under control

Financial literacy easily, understandable and funny. Money under control aren’t just about finance but also about the right social attitude in and against society.

Kolín Smart keychain

We create communication to the unique Kolín Smart keychain project, which is the result of the collaboration between city Kolín and partners within the Smart Cities concept.

Nestlé Healthy Kids

A project promoting the education of children in a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

National defence education

Citizens’ preparation for state defense (CPSD) as a modern form of national defence education, where informations about our state’s army, its history and current state are passed on to students in attractive form.
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